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My friend Marilyn

Marilyn is one of my dear Watershed friends. Together we sing with the seniors at Lion’s Manor, work out at the Y, watch movies with Lyle on Friday nights. These things are all fun, but what unites us most deeply is a love of God as we seek to live out this life of faith together. It’s the best root for a friendship that I have ever known.

Earlier this summer, Marilyn wrote an email to Watershed, telling a story from gardening, and she is my second ever guest blogger. Marilyn works at a Winnipeg high school, and she had just been to the grade 12 grad. Sometimes when we see successful people, our lives feel lackluster in comparison. Her story came to mind this week as I noticed some discontent of my own floating around.  Here’s Marilyn’s story.

After coming away from the convocation today, I felt thirsty for…..success, accomplishments,  significant impact, children etc. Things that seem absent in my life – at least from a societal perspective.

As I went out to my box garden and planted some chard seeds, I began to pray. “Lord…I’m bummed,”  turned into “Lord I thirst.”

Interestingly, George our neighbor came along to feed and water his tomato plants.  He stuck one of his fingers in the soil, and said, “There’s still moisture down there.”  He proceeded to tell me that if you water too often, the plants do not send down their roots to find moisture, growing stronger.  He pointed to the big elm trees.  “Nobody waters those. Think of how deep they have sent down their roots.  Deep into the  bio-world.”

It was a great reminder that God allows circumstances to make me thirsty so that I might send down roots deeper into the narrative of God’s people, and grow stronger.


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